Hello, I am Gery Petrof, a professional photographer with over three decades experience working in the art of photography.  Some of my commercial work includes General Electric, Contempo Communications and UberEATS.  I also work with several real estate agencies and builders, and I am a registered member with the Real Estate Photographers of America & International (REPAI).

I received my undergraduate degree in Photojournalism from Cleveland State University in 1982.  

My interest in photography began when I was 8-years old and I picked up my first camera, a Kodak Brownie Reflex.   I taught myself how to process a roll of black and white film and then make prints from it, in a makeshift darkroom in my bedroom closet.  I became hooked on photography at an early age and worked on my school's newspaper and yearbook.  My passion for photography grew as I discovered color photography and began processing slide film in my bathroom.

It was when I attended one of the old Cleveland Press PhotoOhio Shows, I saw for the first time a slide show synchronized to the music of John Lennon, and I was introduced to the art of storytelling.

My approach to photography is simple – tell the story. Whether I am capturing family remembrances or building   a marketing campaign – what is the story.

I am a Trusted Photographer offering Google Street View Trusted program in the Greater Cleveland area.  I have the distinction as the first Trusted Photographer in Cleveland, receiving my certification in March 2012.  

I would be honored to represent your business to capture your story and put it out there for the entire world to see.

"My approach to photography is simple – tell the story."