Business Savvy with Google Maps Business Photos


Have you seen Google’s new business photos technology? It’s a cool and powerful tool for small businesses looking for inexpensive and creative ways to attract new customers to their bricks-and-mortar locations

Google says they want to give small businesses a helping hand by offering the new technology. It lets customers virtually walk around your business like never before. The technology features a 360-degree, street view of your business which gives online visitors a virtual look inside your location.

If it sounds futuristic, it is! Through the use of Google’s Maps and Street View technology, a Google Trusted Photographer, now can create an online virtual tour for your customers that hopefully will inspire them to walk through the door.

Once you’ve contracted with one of Google’s Trusted Photographers (and we highly recommend Gery Petrof), you’ll be able to use the 360-degree panoramic interior photos of your business on, Google Maps, and on your Google Plus Local Places page. You can also link and display your tour on your business webpage and on your social media profiles.

Petrof is [certified by Google as] a Trusted Photographer and has some amazing examples of how it works To get a glimpse of what it can make your business look like, check out the example businesses on his website.

Once you hire a photographer — and Gery says rates range from $300 to $800 — the photographer will process and upload the photos to Google, who will then render the 360-degree panoramic interior of your business on, Google Maps, and on your Google Plus Place Page listing.